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Clean URL without ID

Free module for Prestashop. Clean URL without ID

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Module provides friendly clean URL address for:
  • product pages
  • categories
  • page CMS text.
  • category CMS
  • block layer
  • page supplier
  • manufacturer
The URL address remove ID and allows establishing a custom URL.

 All try the test version of the shop, before using the module and ALWAYS back up!

Demo version Clean URL module

You can test the functionality of the module by demo.


SEO module for redirect product page to URL without ID. Prestashop module use HTTP Response Header Status: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved


Module tested Prestashop versions a ,, 1.5.6

Modul from page by Sabri, autor Hai (forum).

How to uninstall the module:

Go to modules -> Find and uninstall "CleanURL".

Open folder /override/classes/

  • Remove "Link.php"
  • Remove "Dispatcher.php"

Open folder /override/controllers/front/

  • Remove "CategoryController.php"
  • Remove "CmsController.php"
  • Remove "ManufacturerController.php"
  • Remove "ProductController.php"
  • Remove "SupplierController.php"

Open folder /cache/

  • Remove "class_index.php"

Go to back office -> Preferences -> SEO and URLs -> Set userfriendly URL off -> Save
Go to back office -> Preferences -> SEO and URLs -> Set userfriendly URL on -> Save